What to do if your insurance claim is denied?

It is not new now- a-days that we buy some insurance plans in order to keep ourselves and other person safety. Generally the purpose of buying the insurance whether it is life insurance, health insurance, motor insurance or any of that sort is to let the company pay a lump sum amount in the form a compensation according to the terms and conditions agreed in lieu of small monthly, quarterly, half yearly or yearly premiums. This set up not only let us save some money but save ourselves when in need for eg death of a person or an accident etc. It gives us some respite and some relief also in some cases but this turns out to be a big sorrow when in such cases of need, you go for your claim of insurance and you are being denied unreasonably. Now in this situation many of us may feel a big disappointment and gets easily confused about how we can claim our insurance or how we can appeal against the decision made by the insurance company to not to give the amount despite the fact that you had complied each and every terms and duly entitled to receive the same.

Here are some of the methods you can approach in order to claim your insurance amount:

1. First and the foremost step is to let the management know that you have a claim and you have grievance as this claim is being denied to you without any reasons. Every insurance company has to have a grievance cell that has a duty to resolve the insurance claim complaint within the time bound manner.

2. Once you approached the grievance cell of any insurance company and still not satisfied with the decision of the grievance cell then you approach  an authority that is called ombudsman with your claim. This platform was built for the insurance grievances to be settled in a time bound manner. You can also approach IRDAI with your complaint.

3. Third is to approach Consumer Forum with your complaint. This is an alternative remedy. You just have to file a complaint before consumer forum either online or offline according to the territorial and pecuniary jurisdiction.

This process may sound tedious and difficult but approaching the right authorities step by step makes this smooth and simple. I hope this article helped you. Contact us if you have any query.

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