Whether time period of 6 months can be waived in mutual divorce case?

A marriage is a relation which is considered to be a pious and pure within the Indian society. It is considered to be an amalgamation of two souls. In India,  marriage is governed by personal laws according to the society, culture, religion and to get the marriage solemnised one needs to get it done according to respective customs. Coming to…

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Whether a wife having an affair is entitled for maintenance?

The answer to the above mentioned question is in affirmative but before we dive in further explanation let us explain the meaning of maintenance. Maintenance Maintenance is a kind of financial support to be provided to a spouse whether it be a wife or husband if the spouse is in need. Now, maintenance as provided in law can be maintenance…

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In today’s world we do payment in different modes in lieu of a liability that includes online transfers such as NEFT, IMPS, WALLETS. Similarly, there is one another common way to pay and that is issuing CHEQUES. NOW, imagine a scenario that “The Payee” deposits the cheque in his/ her bank and after few days gets the message that cheque…

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